Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Favorite Jeans

I'm so excited about my new jeans after my trip up to Madison (of course I got them at Bop) a few weeks ago.  I literally wore them every day I was home in Kansas City as they were the only pants I brought, and they fit the exact same every time I put them on.  Unheard of in the designer denim world.  Trust me.......I've been a connoisseur for quite a while.

Kristin (the fabulous manager and buyer at bop) showed me to DL1961 after I told her that my lower rise jeans of yesteryear (AKA before kids) just don't fit the bill anymore.  They fit, which I'm proud of, but they don't fit the way they used to and it's time for them to hit the consignment shop.

DL1961 boasts this cool new 4 way stretch that they say helps them not to stretch out after multiple wears - and they're right!  How nice is that - a tagline that actually rings true?!  They also have just the right sized pockets to make your booty look great.

Here are the styles I have -- and love:

The Britney Skinny

The Lindsey Slim Straight

To get yours I found a great selection on Shopbop - I'm sure you will too!