Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saks Off 5th - Dangerous

I ventured into the new Saks off 5th by me earlier this week and let me tell you - I will have to be spacing out my visits there in the future.  It's a DANGER zone for someone like me!  There was seriously so much great stuff in there, thank goodness it was my lunch break or I would have been OOC.

I only walked out of there with one thing in hand - a super cute pair of hot pink Sperry Top Siders.  I have been wanting a pair of Sperrys for quite a while but just hadn't pulled the trigger - so when I found these for $40 I couldn't resist.  Imagine my real excitement when I got to the register and the guy ringing me up told me that if I signed up for a 'More' card (a free card for 'members') that day,  I would get an additional 30% off.  Yes sir, I'm in.

The prices were good - some GREAT - but mostly just good (nice rating scale I know) for an 'outlet.'  However, once I found out about this 'More' card, they got a lot better!  They have member events every once in a while  and when they do, they'll either email you or send you a card in the mail - basically giving people an additional percentage off the sale price.

Pardon my I Phone pics, but here are some items I thought were fabulous and had I more time, I would have been in the fitting rooms STAT.

French Connection Top

Rebecca Taylor Cardigan (this was my favorite from the trip)

I *think* this was DVF

Shoshanna cocktail dress - neckline is amazing isn't it?

Paige colored skinnies

Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag - from their signature collection - you can't beat that!

more Marc by Marc Jacobs - love these sequin bags for going out

Mens slip on Converse

more Mens - can't remember the brand, sorry!

These are actually Mens the navy.

Laundry by Shelli Segal dress - I can't walk by a gold sequin dress and NOT take a second look.

What do you all think about Saks off 5th?  I was impressed!