Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gemma in the dress........

said i'd share pics of Gemma in her Christmas dress -

long story short she didn't get to wear the green dress i'd blogged about on Xmas eve because unfortunately i came down with the stomach flu that day and we couldn't attend the Xmas eve festivities with my husbands family.  boo on us!  i was so bummed.

therefore.........she wore it a couple of days later when out to dinner with my family in Kansas City.  It was MUCH appreciated there and people kept coming up to us and telling us how darling she is in that dress!  Mission:  accomplished.

My angel


Lucas Family Pic

My other angel in his favorite new Batman shoes

Gemma Cheesin' on Xmas morning

Daddy and Griffin BOTH got Light Sabers on Xmas Morning......this is priceless