Friday, May 21, 2010

I can't stop thinking about....

This watch.

Officially, it's the Michael Kors White Midsize Ceramic Watch with Glitz.

I know I'm a bit behind the times with the whole 'white ceramic or plastic watch' thing, but I have held off because I still love my Michele watch oh so much and wear it everyday.

However, I think that this might be what I want for my birthday in June. It seems like the perfect addition to my summer will match with everything, I still have that 'glitz' that my Michele watch has, and it's something different.

But as I was shopping around for watches on various websites, I came across some other adorable finds that are also great for summer:

This fab find is of course a Michele - called the Tahitian Jelly Bean in Hot Pink. I'm a sucker for hot pink, and it also comes in white, black, bright blue, bright green and orange.

Then there's this little number (no pun intended) from Michael Kors - about half the price of the one I love in white (at $195) in Tile Blue. I love the Caribbean blue & gold chic. You can find this ONE and other colors HERE.

Finally, if you want to have a one-up on a Fall '10 watch trend, this is the type of watch I keep seeing in all of the, kind of clunky (not unlike the clunkiness of the white ceramic), and either in plastic, ceramic, or rubber and you can apparently go even more masculine with a digital face. The Michael Kors one above would be my pick as I wear a lot of gold and of course need the 'glitz.'

What will you be wearing on your wrist this summer?