Thursday, May 13, 2010

'Pulling a Britney'

Per my husband, who is avidly reading my blog (tee hee), I have been told I need to make my blog 'funny.' I am no Ellen Degeneres (however she is fab and I LOVE her), but I figure now and then I can come up with something either funny to tell you all, or funny to show you.

Today, I thought it would be 'funny' to show you a couple pictures of my husband doing what I call 'pulling a Britney.'

Yes, this is Joe driving with our 2 year old son on his lap. But thankfully, they are just in our driveway. I know it's kind of terrible, but Griffin LIVES for when Daddy comes home from work and he can 'drive the car!' He lets Griffin honk and pretend steer the car into the garage. I mean, the sheer glee that spreads across Griffin's face when I tell him Daddy's home is worth the Mom guilt I feel about letting him do this. After all, I'm sure there are much worse things to come, right?