Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm a hat girl

Those of you who know me well know that I do love my hats. I like lots of hats - baseball caps, sunhats, an occasional visor (but not the golf kind my Mom likes to sport, sorry Mom), pageboy caps, and cowboy hats. But, my most favorite kind of hat has got to be the Fedora.

Lucky for me, Fedoras are hugely in style right now! Yahoo! I have been on the search for a couple of great ones to get me through this spring/summer season, and wanted to share my ideas and purchases with you.

If you are thinking - yeah, I'm not a hat girl, or mmmm...too trendy for me, think again. Here are 2 great reasons to wear a hat that you might not have already thought of:

1. They provide sun protection! And if you're not already doing that people, hop to it! Your face shows the first signs of aging from the sun, and you don't want your face to look similar to your broken-in favorite leather handbag come age 45. Got it?

2. They are an excellent cover-up for dirty hair. Haha! I must admit, I don't wash my hair everyday, or even every other day. I would say I wash it probably every 2 to 3 days. Don't get grossed out, it's actually better for your hair NOT to wash every day. Anyway, when I'm having a slightly greasy or just plain bad hair day, nothing makes it go away quicker than throwing on a cute hat. And in the spring of 2010, it should be a Fedora.
Here are two hats I have purchased already..........

Love the blue ribbon trim combined with the black/straw combo - makes it wearable with anything! And who can forget the price?! Amazing.

J. Crew Straw Trilby Hat, $40

The description on this starts off as 'every man needs a smart hat for the season...' which makes me laugh because let's be honest J. Crew - mostly women are going to wear this! Isn't it fab? I bought it for myself yesterday while I milled around the mall alone - one of my gifts on Mother's day - shopping, alone. It's a past-time I miss!

And here are a couple of hats I also love - but don't really 'need' as I have just bought the above two!

Bop Basics Panama Small Brim Fedora, $98

Just the right color of straw to contrast with the pretty white grosgrain ribbon.

Juicy Couture Mia Striped Fedora, $58

She's a bit too matchy-matchy for me with the Juicy dress and hat to match, but throw this hat on with a white tank, bangles and slightly ripped up jeans? Casual chic at it's best.

Hope I've inspired all of you to go out and get yourself a fashionable fedora this season - it's on my must-have list for sure!