Thursday, March 10, 2011

my polish of the moment.....Grammie inspired

Essie's Chubby Cheeks

Essie's Milky Way - a J Crew Exclusive

I happened upon these two beautiful super springy Essie colors the other day, and HAD to purchase them.  Where was I you ask?  I am embarrassed to say that again, it was at J. Crew.  But it was during the same shopping trip I have mentioned I swear it's not like I'm there every week.  Just about once every 2 weeks, to browse ONLY.  ;-)

These colors remind me of my VERY fashionable Grammie, who I am told, I am very much alike.  A glimpse of Gram - she wore Salvatore Ferragamo's as her signature shoe, loved an expensive designer handbag, and got her hair 'done' at a salon every couple of weeks.  She also had my skin tone, therefore wore a lot of peachy nail polishes and blushes (also very me).  I know my Grammie would be wearing these colors if she was with us today, and let me tell you folks, Grammie's style is/was something to aspire to!

My Grammie & Papa, circa 1939 or 1940.  On one of their first dates.

Grammie & I, a few years ago. 

Miss you Gram!