Thursday, March 31, 2011

Slave to Tracy

As of Monday, I have resigned myself to being a slave to Tracy Anderson - for at least the next 90 days.  I am trying out the latest and greatest to come from her, the Metamorphosis Method

And let me tell you, she's a slave driver.  The cardio routine nearly killed me Monday morning.  I felt faint and was dying for a latte (coffee is not allowed on the program, also killing me). 

Here's her spiel:

In the newly released Metamorphosis by Tracy, you will transform your body, defy your genetics, and create the body that you never thought possible. Prepare to be challenged throughout this 90-day program that includes 9 discs of transforming muscular structure work, designed for your specific body types, a cardio component, and a dynamic eating plan. Experience this total transformation through your own Metamorphosis!

Now that it's Thursday, I'm feeling much better.  The caffeine situation is taken care of via tea (which normally I hate, but I am really trying to like it), no more headaches, and the cardio has gotten easier!  Now of course the strength portion is getting harder because my muscles are like 'again??' 

The Metamorphosis Method is designed for your specific body shape needs - so you're either Omnicentric (gain weight all over), Hipcentric, Abcentric, or Glutcentric.  I am definitely Abcentric and so the workout is customized to whittle away at the parts that enjoy keeping the weight on them.  ;-)  Included is a diet plan, which I'm not gonna lie, is hard.  But at the end of day 4, I'm kind of used to it!  Day 1 was the toughest.

I can't wait to start seeing some results from this, I'm mentally and physically really ready to get rid of these last irritating 15 lbs from pregnancy that have settled around my midsection.  I'm sure some of you can relate!  It is funny though - I've been physically ready to get rid of the 15 lbs for a while, but it's taken me a while to decide that yes, I can do this.  Anyone else feel this way?