Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring ever evolving post

As the Spring 2011 catalogs and magazines arrive daily in my mailbox and i continue to ear pages of things I want/need, I feel like I should share some of these before my head explodes!  I figure this way at least I'll have an ongoing list of spring trends and 'must haves' just in case someone throws away my stack.  Who could that be.....??  ;-)

How great is this headband for summer (with air-dried wavy hair).  It's only $28!

 These Stuart Weitzman sandals are simply the best wedge I can find out there.  Yes, there are many cheaper knock off versions of which I will probably buy, but if I had the cash ($365) I'd bet on Stuey for sure.

 I have been stalking these for a while - they were in the Nordstrom January catalog that I got, and they so totally reminded me of a pair of Loeffler Randall boots that passed me by a few seasons ago (those LRs were so fab that yes, i  am still thinking of them).  They're by Boutique 9 and are only $224 (a steal compared to a LR price!).  Gorgeous cut outs!

 Last but not least (or ever), this Tusk necklace by Gorjana could easily become a summer staple for me.  I would be layering it up with a couple of other staples and donesies for my summer neck garb.  $88 for something I would wear everyday?  yes.

Check back often for more Spring 2011 wants! 

and please......what are yours??