Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All about brights

What is making me happy when I open up a magazine of late are all of the brightly colored clothing and jewelry I keep seeing!  So so so fun!  It totally reminds me of my neon phase, circa 1990/1991 I think, when biking pants and splash painted tee shirts were THE thing.  And I, always the slave to fashion, submitted.  I would have to consult old photos, but I think I had a HOT pair of neon green biker shorts I wore A LOT and maybe a pink pair?  Mom, do you remember? are some things that I'd don right now - and if I do, hopefully I don't date myself via my choices like I did back then!

Tory Burch Neon Studded Logo Cuff

Tory Burch Foundation Studded Cuff

Gorjana Thompson Large Wallet

Julie Dillon Strapless Maxi Dress

Yarnz Multicolored Cheetah Scarf
J Crew Vintage V Neck Tee (I have this, looks GREAT with skinnies!)