Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Had to share......

I had THE WORST experience in a store today I have ever had in my life.  IN MY LIFE.

If you live in the Chicago area, in particular the Winnetka/Hubbard Woods area, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT shop at Beat Street for your kids.

Here's the review I just posted on Yelp and on Google reviews:

DO NOT SHOP HERE. I had the worst experience upon walking into a toy store that I think Ive ever had at any store in my entire 33 years. I have two small children and wandered in there today for the first time to browse around. i just moved to Deerfield this summer and work mostly as a stay at home mom but part time I am an outside sales rep for a couple of swim lines and a bag line. When I walked in there today I had just had an appointment with a store a couple of doors down from her, and I had a couple of large bags with me (containing the items I was showing to the other store). As soon as I walked in the owner said "Those are big bags for someone who's only doing some shopping." Wow! And nice to see you too! Immediately I said - "oh, I am a sales rep for a couple of women's lines and I was just next door at a shop." She then said that they don't allow 'cold-callers' in their store. I said, "I'm not cold calling you, I don't sell children's things. I"m just here to look around, I have two small kids of my own." She said: "Sure you do, get out." Seriously, I have NEVER been spoken to like that in my life upon walking into a store. So again, I thought, surely she must have misunderstood me. I re-iterated that I don't carry childrens stuff and that I simply wanted to check out the store. She continued to tell me to 'Leave, get out. Don't come back." Finally I decided that this woman was clearly not going to listen to me and at that point I was so incredibly offended that yes - I would do as she was telling me - and I would leave. But before I did I made sure to tell her that I am nothing more than a mom & consumer who lives in Deerfield and that I will make sure to tell all of my friends NEVER TO SET FOOT in her store after our exchange. To which she said - "I don't care, get out of my store, just GET OUT." There was a younger guy in the back of the store doing stock work who had his jaw on the floor during most of our exchange - I feel bad that he works for this horrible woman. And honestly I hope that someday she figures out that life is too short to treat people so terribly. I was so upset and horrified upon leaving - tears were in my eyes. Don't subject yourself to this, there are PLENTY of other great toy stores nearby.