Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Need a great everyday bag?

I get asked this a lot by friends and family - 'What is a great everyday bag?'  'Do you have a go-to brand or something you'd recommend?'  My answer is usually - 'I know one when I see one.'

There are so many handbag designers out there but it's shockingly hard to find the perfect bag, right?  I am always on the lookout and trust me, I have amassed quite a collection of handbags.

I came across this little beauty on Shopbop last week and thought I should share.  This bag is season less, would match with anything you're wearing, and looks like it would carry a lot of your wares - without being too heavy, since it's made of nylon.

It's not crazy expensive, but if you read this blog, you know how I calculate the cost per wear.........and at $365 that means it's $1/day.  That's really a steal....  ;-)

Tory Burch Tierney Satchel