Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Obsessed, Apparently....

My title to this post is not so clever as I want to introduce you to a new blog out there you MUST read.  Apparently Obsessed is written and edited beautifully by an old friend of mine who resides in Kansas City. 

She writes about things that she's 'apparently obsessed' with, because that's something that many of her friends say she says A LOT.  I love it. 
For example: 

 "Apparently, I am obsessed with the ballet flats I just tried on."  Cute!

Here's a quick list of reasons I love her blog:

1.  she affectionately refers to her husband as 'The Texan' and her son as 'The Bug.'  I love this, it's like you're reading about fictional characters, but 'apparently' you're not!

2.  her taste is impeccable - from organization items to fashion to food, she's a gal from whom I would definitely take advice.

3.  the way her blog is set up is just gorge (for gorgeous, people).  Take for example the picture she chose under 'Meet Me.'  


You can also find Apparently Obsessed on Facebook - click HERE