Monday, April 25, 2011

the Downtown Skinny

I"m always on the lookout for great jeans that are not 'Mom' jeans persay, but jeans that a Mommy can wear and do all the things you might do with young kids.  Bending over to pick little people/toys/food/cups etc up can get a little tricky with my low rise jeans of yesteryear.

Therefore I was so happy to find the Downtown Skinny jeans at J. Crew a couple of weeks ago.  They are a great medium wash that goes with everything, doesn't get too stretched out (but stretches just enough) and the length was perfect for flats or heels!  Yahoo!  Zero alterations!  AND.......the rise was perfect.  I intentionally wore them for a whole day with the kids (kind of shocking for me not to be in Lulu Lemon while around the house) and not once did my Hanky Pankys peek out.  

I hear there's a new darker wash in the store (a little bird over at the Apparently Obsessed blog told me) that I just may have to check out this weekend........

What are your favorite Mommy-friendly jeans?