Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I found The Find

Driving around running a million errands the other day when I had a sitter, I drove past an antique shop that I couldn't pass up.  There was some amazing pieces in the windows, and once I was inside (yes, I turned the car around and went in!) there were some delectable 'finds.'

If you are a Chicagoan, you must visit The Find.  It's located in Highwood, which is just north of Highland Park.  Highwood is a lovely little town that houses some fantastic restaurants (Gabriels!) and a little bit of boutique shopping as well.

Here are a few things from their website - the store itself has SO much more!  I wish I had had my camera.

I love the fish bookends

a large safety pin? so cute in the mudroom or laundry room.

This is a Swedish Mailman's bag remade into a pillow - would always spark conversation!

Would love these sconces in our bedroom.....

This is a set of two - beautiful mirror!